Pensions & Investments ESG Investing Conference

Start Date & Time
April 5th, 2022
8:00 am
End Date & Time
April 5th, 2022
5:00 pm

ESG remains top of mind for many investors across a spectrum of critical factors. While momentum continues to gain with U.S. institutional allocators, there is still much to navigate, from basic taxonomy and the application of policies for newcomers in the space, to how to implement, benchmark and monitor strategies most effectively for veterans. Both groups need to keep a vigilant eye on evolving guidance and regulation, but it looks more and more like regardless of rulings, ESG investing is here to stay. The cracks in the system that have been exposed over the past 24 months give investors more opportunity to find unique solutions through their investments spanning a variety of approaches from engagement to divestment, impact to climate, DEI issues and more. This event will see institutional allocators discuss practical ways they are implementing ESG strategies across their portfolio to meet a variety of different needs and risk profiles.