DiMeo Schneider & Associates, L.L.C. is now Fiducient Advisors

Andrea McAndrew

Senior Research Analyst - Global Hedge Fund Strategies, CFA

Hartford, CT

Andrea is responsible for sourcing and performing due diligence on hedge fund managers for potential inclusion in client portfolios. Andrea joined Fiduciary Investment Advisors LLC in 2015, which combined with Fiducient Advisors in 2020. Prior to joining the firm, Andrea was a Managing Director at Alpha Capital Research, LLC and an endowment administrator at Choate Rosemary Hall. She received a BS from Lehigh University and is a CFA® charterholder. She is also a member of the CFA Institute and Hartford CFA Society. Andrea volunteers as a Trustee for the Noah Webster House and West Hartford Historical Society. In her free time, she enjoys running (and is halfway to her personal goal of running all the world marathon majors), skiing and spending time with family.