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Whether you oversee endowment, foundation or retirement plan investments, learn from experts and explore strategies intended to help stewards improve performance, reduce costs and help charitable organizations prosper.

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Episode 44, May 18, 2022

Nonprofits in Higher-Ed: Current Outlook, Opportunities, and Challenges with Rev. Dr. Brian Friedrich

This can be a challenging environment for nonprofit organizations, especially those in higher education, contending with investments, revenue, operations, and more. In this episode, Bob DiMeo and Devon Francis speak with Rev. Dr. Brian Friedrich, president at Concordia University-St. Paul. They discuss the current outlook… Read More

Episode 43, May 04, 2022

Nonprofit Governance: How to Effectively Build Committees, Craft Policies and Fill Gaps with Julia Boisvert

Effective governance is key to a nonprofit’s success. It provides strategic direction to your organization. There are multiple factors to consider — board and committee structures, decision-making authority, and investment policies, to name a few. In this episode, Bob DiMeo and Devon Francis speak with… Read More

Episode 42, April 20, 2022

Investment Considerations, DEI, Nonprofit Leadership and More with Mellody Hobson

How concerned should we be with market and economic trends? How can we improve our DEI efforts? What are opportunities and challenges should nonprofit leaders be focusing on? These are some of the pressing questions we hear from clients. Join Bob DiMeo and Devon Francis… Read More

Episode 41, April 06, 2022

Peer Benchmarking Using the 2021 NACUBO-TIAA Study of Endowments with Devon Francis

The NACUBO-TIAA Study of Endowments is a great benchmarking tool for college and university endowments. In this episode, Bob DiMeo and Devon Francis discuss the key findings from the latest release of the study including noteworthy trends for colleges and universities on investment returns, asset… Read More

Episode 40, March 23, 2022

How Museums and Attendance-Dependent Nonprofits Can Thrive Post-COVID with Laura Lott

Does your nonprofit’s success rely heavily on memberships and attendance? If yes, then it’s likely that your organization faced a major downturn due to COVID-19. In this episode, Bob DiMeo and Devon Francis speak with Laura Lott, president and CEO at American Alliance of Museums.… Read More

Episode 39, March 09, 2022

First Quarterly Quick Take of 2022: Key Market Updates with Brad Long

With looming interest rate hikes, market corrections, and ongoing Russia-Ukraine conflict, it’s time for our first Quarterly Quick Take of 2022. In this episode, Bob DiMeo and Devon Francis speak with Brad Long, partner, and deputy chief investment officer at Fiducient Advisors. They provide timely… Read More

Episode 38, February 23, 2022

How Nonprofits Should Manage Large Cash Inflows with David Piccerelli

There may come a time when your nonprofit experiences a large inflow of cash. For some organizations, this happens when they’re not expecting it at all! In this episode, Bob DiMeo and Devon Francis speak with David Piccerelli, president at WSBE Rhode Island PBS and… Read More

Episode 37, February 09, 2022

Predictions for 2022 That Can Affect Your Investment Portfolio with Bob Doll

Inflation, interest rates, upcoming midterm elections… There are so many variables that can impact your nonprofit’s investment portfolio in 2022. In this episode, Bob DiMeo and Devon Francis speak with Bob Doll, CFA, chief investment officer at Crossmark Global Investments, Inc. Bob Doll makes calculated… Read More

Episode 36, January 26, 2022

Amplify Your Impact Through Strategic Philanthropy with Caren Yanis

When you’re strategic with your philanthropy and strive for efficiency within your organization, you can do more good with less money. In this episode, Bob DiMeo and Devon Francis speak with Caren Yanis, principal at Croland Consulting, LLC, and a philanthropic advisor to families and… Read More

Episode 35, January 12, 2022

The Current Investment Environment: Where Do We Stand? Where Are We Headed? with Matt Rice

Are stocks overpriced and about to tank? How will rising inflation impact your portfolio? How might the pandemic continue to impact the economy? Find the answers to these questions in this episode, as Bob DiMeo and Devon Francis interview Matt Rice, Chief Investment Officer at… Read More

Episode 34, January 05, 2022

Investment Insights From a Global Religious Congregation with Jim Thomas

Today, we have Jim Thomas, the CFO of the Clerics of Saint Viator, share timely investment insights for nonprofit investment leaders! The Clerics of Saint Viator is an international Roman Catholic religious congregation. In this episode, Bob DiMeo and Devon Francis interview Jim about his… Read More

Episode 33, December 15, 2021

Future Outlook on Equity Markets (2021 Year-End Updates) with David Bianco

As the calendar flips to a new year, are you curious about what to expect from equity markets — both in the USA and globally? In this episode, Bob DiMeo and Devon Francis are joined by David Bianco, CFA, chief investment officer for the Americas… Read More

Episode 32, November 24, 2021

Become a Confident Leader with Dr. Karyn Gordon

Dr. Karyn Gordon has rightly said, “Great leaders drive communication, performance, and engagement.” But how can you become a great leader at your nonprofit organization? In this episode, Bob DiMeo and Devon Francis are joined by Dr. Karyn Gordon to answer this question. Dr. Karyn… Read More

Episode 31, November 10, 2021

Behind the Scenes of a Successful Foundation – With Jay Ruderman

Are you looking for proven strategies to help your foundation thrive? In this episode, Bob DiMeo and Devon Francis speak with Jay Ruderman, president of the Ruderman Family Foundation. Jay reveals principles that have guided the Ruderman Family Foundation in making prudent management, investment, and… Read More

Episode 30, October 27, 2021

One Year Anniversary Special

It’s been a year since Nonprofit Investment Stewards was launched! A big thank you to all our wonderful listeners and guests who have been a part of this journey. In this special episode, Bob DiMeo and Devon Francis take a trip down the memory lane,… Read More

Episode 29, October 06, 2021

Nonprofits and Private Equity — With Matt Kaminski

With public equity markets reaching all-time highs in 2021, many investment committees are concerned about future returns. Consequently, they are exploring or adding allocations to alternative investments, such as private equity. In this episode, Bob DiMeo and Devon Francis speak with Matt Kaminski, partner and… Read More

Episode 28, September 22, 2021

How Nonprofits Can Drive Results Through Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion – With Cynthia Primo Martin

Focusing on diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) is more than just the “right thing to do.” It can help your nonprofit make better decisions and achieve greater results. In this episode, Bob DiMeo and Devon Francis speak with Cynthia Primo Martin, founder of the Trustees… Read More

Episode 27, September 08, 2021

403(b) Retirement Plans Optimized for Nonprofits – With Vin Smith

Nonprofits seek to attract, retain and reward great people – an attractive retirement plan is part of the solve. In this episode, Bob DiMeo and Devon Francis speak with Vin Smith, partner and practice leader of the nonprofit defined contribution practice at Fiducient Advisors. They… Read More

Episode 26, August 25, 2021

Endowment Investment Considerations for Today’s Market — With Brad Long

If you’re looking for investment strategies that help your nonprofit stay relevant in today’s ever-changing markets, then this episode is for you. In this show, Bob DiMeo and Devon Francis speak with Brad Long, CFA, partner and research director at Fiducient Advisors, who oversees the… Read More

Episode 25, August 11, 2021

How Storytelling Can Benefit Your Endowment — With Park Howell

Oftentimes, the best way to communicate your nonprofit’s core values and mission to your audience is through storytelling. In this episode, Bob DiMeo and Devon Francis are joined by Park Howell, founder of Business of Story, brand storytelling strategist, and international keynote speaker. As the… Read More

Episode 24, July 28, 2021

The Benefits and Pitfalls of OCIO Endowment Management — With Matt Porter

With limited resources and staff, it can be difficult for investment committees to focus on both endowment management and the advancement of the organization’s mission. This circumstance has compelled many nonprofits to consider the Outsourced Chief Investment Officer (OCIO) model. In this episode, Bob DiMeo… Read More

Episode 23, July 14, 2021

Endowment Management and Operational Efficiencies: How Can You Achieve Both at the Same Time? — With Jeffrey Bethke

Amidst financial planning and endowment management, it’s common for institutions to underestimate the impact that operations can have in sustaining a nonprofit. In this episode, Bob DiMeo and Devon Francis are joined by Jeff Bethke, managing partner at Ingenuity Advising, to help your nonprofit optimize… Read More

Episode 22, June 30, 2021

Achieving Your Charitable Mission Through Private Foundations — With Adam Newell

For high-net-worth families who are charitably inclined, private foundations are a great way to make an impact while maintaining control over your investments. In this episode, Bob DiMeo and Devon Francis speak with Adam Newell, partner at Fiducient Advisors and director of consulting at The… Read More

Episode 21, June 16, 2021

How Independent Schools Navigate Challenges and Manage Endowment Funds — With Jeffrey Shields

In this episode, Bob DiMeo and Devon Francis talk to Jeffrey Shields, president and CEO at National Business Officers Association (NBOA). Jeff shares insights into the challenges  independent schools face including enrollment and optimizing their endowment funds. You will learn: Ways to contend with major… Read More

Episode 20, June 02, 2021

How to Use Data and Rigorous Evaluation to Help Achieve Your Nonprofit’s Goals

Regularly assessing the impact of your nonprofit’s initiatives and even its mission is more important than ever to all stakeholders including your donors. In this episode, Bob DiMeo and Devon Francis speak with Annie Duflo, executive director at Innovations for Poverty Action. Together, they explore… Read More

Episode 19, May 19, 2021

Senior Living Communities and Their Unique Financial Considerations – with David Bordonaro

It is projected that by the year 2025, more than 50% of the population will be aged 65 and older. Leadership at senior living communities must keep up and adapt to changes in the industry to be financially prepared for the future of senior living.… Read More

Episode 18, May 05, 2021

How Nonprofit Leaders Can Overcome Today’s Challenges – with Dennis Morrone

Managing liquidity, identifying suitable governance policies, and building the right investment committee are just a few of the challenges that nonprofits face on a regular basis. How can you navigate these challenges with greater ease? Find out in this episode, as Bob DiMeo and Devon… Read More

Episode 17, April 21, 2021

10 Habits of Effective Investment Committees

An investment committee member might be doing everything right. But just one wrong move could derail an endowment or foundation from your path to success. To help prevent this, Bob DiMeo and Devon Francis share their list of the 10 Best Investment Committee Practices in… Read More

Episode 16, April 07, 2021

The State of Nonprofit Fundraising and How to Remain Relevant – with Amy Schiffman

During the COVID-19 pandemic, most fundraising events have come to a standstill. For many, face-to-face interaction with donors is limited at best. How can nonprofits adapt to and raise funds in such an environment? To answer this, Bob DiMeo and Devon Francis welcome Amy Schiffman,… Read More


Episode 15, March 31, 2021

Hello Fiducient! DiMeo Schneider’s New Name and Other Important Updates – With Mike Goss and Bob DiMeo

DiMeo Schneider was founded in 1995 and one year ago, combined with Fiduciary Investment Advisors to form one of the largest RIAs in the U.S. In this episode, Devon Francis interviews two key members of Fiducient Advisors’ leadership team, Bob DiMeo and Michael Goss. Join… Read More

Episode 14, March 24, 2021

Your Guide to Endowment Spending Policy – With Devon Francis

As a nonprofit organization, you don’t want to spend too much of your portfolio now, robbing future generations of the benefits of your mission. At the same time, you want to spend enough to have impact today. So, how can you find a spending policy… Read More

Episode 13, March 11, 2021

Effective Investment Strategies for Healthcare Systems — With Russ Gronewold

Hospitals and healthcare systems contend with a variety of challenges, and the need for effective management of their investment programs remains as important as ever. Russ Gronewold, CEO of  Bryan Health, joins Bob DiMeo and Devon Francis in this episode to share insight and expertise.… Read More

Episode 12, February 26, 2021

How Associations Manage Their Investments – with Ahmed Farruk

Do you have a thorough understanding of how associations manage their investments? If not, get ready for your crash-course in all-things associations in today’s episode with Fiducient Advisors' Ahmed Farruk! As Fiducient Advisors' Washington, D.C. regional director and as a senior consultant, Ahmed has years… Read More

Episode 11, February 10, 2021

How To Hire a Good Investment Consultant — With Brad Alford

When the time comes for your endowment or foundation to hire a new investment consultant, how should you go about the process? And how can you stack the odds in your favor to hire an investment consultant who is well-suited for your charitable organization and… Read More

Episode 10, January 27, 2021

ESG Investing for Stewards: Part 3 – With Kaitlin Bergan

Charitable organizations and endowment funds are at the forefront of the ESG movement. With increased interest in this investment strategy, how might the ESG landscape evolve? In this third and final part of their ESG mini-series, Bob DiMeo and Devon Francis join BlackRock director Kaitlin… Read More

Episode 9, January 13, 2021

2021 Investment Outlook for Endowments & Foundations — With Matt Rice

With a new year and a new environment, now is the perfect time to examine your endowment or foundation’s investment strategy and asset allocation so that you can adapt to ever-changing market conditions! To help you do this, Bob DiMeo and Devon Francis join Matt… Read More

Episode 8, December 30, 2020

ESG Investing for Stewards: Part 2 — With Charles Kuchenbrod

Get ready to explore a new, unique approach to ESG investing for religious institutions! In part two of their ESG mini-series, Bob DiMeo and Devon Francis join Charles Kuchenbrod, the executive associate conference minister at the Southern New England Conference of the United Church of… Read More

Episode 7, December 16, 2020

ESG Investing for Stewards: Part 1 — With Shreya Canakapalli

In this episode, we kick off a new mini-series on a topic that is near and dear to many endowment and foundation stewards, ESG investing! Join Bob DiMeo, Devon Francis, and Fiducient Advisors’ Shreya Canakapalli as they launch the series with a discussion on Environmental,… Read More

Episode 6, December 02, 2020

Higher Education and COVID-19: Part 3 — With Lawyer Michael Cooney

As a steward, how can you effectively manage your endowment fund and avoid common issues that can arise during the process? Find out in this third and final part of our higher education mini-series! In this episode, Bob DiMeo and Devon Francis welcome lawyer Michael… Read More

Episode 5, November 18, 2020

How the 2020 Elections Could Impact Nonprofit Investors — With Frank Kelly

With the 2020 Elections mostly over, what do investors, nonprofits, and charitable organizations need to consider in managing their portfolios? To explore the answer, join Bob DiMeo, Devon Francis, and Deutsche Bank’s Head of Global & Public Affairs , Frank Kelly, in this episode. They… Read More

Episode 4, November 16, 2020

Higher Education and COVID-19: Part 2 — With Bruce Laning

Managing endowments at higher education institutions regularly regularly includes uncertainty and challenges. Now this seems more true than ever. In part two of their mini-series on higher education, Bob DiMeo and Devon Francis join Wealthspire’s Bruce Laning. As the chair of the Valparaiso University endowment… Read More

Episode 3, November 13, 2020

Community Foundations and Current Challenges — With Roberta Herman Dietrich

Community foundations are essential pillars of our societies. But how has this unprecedented year impacted these organizations and the important work they do in communities? To find out, Bob DiMeo and Devon Francis visit with Roberta Herman Dietrich of the Houston Jewish Community Foundation in… Read More

Episode 2, November 11, 2020

Higher Education: Part 1 — With Donna M. Carroll

Higher education impacts everyone from employers to students. While these institutions bring many great benefits to our societies, like many others, they are now experiencing new challenges in the face of COVID-19. In this episode, Bob DiMeo and Devon Francis launch a new three-part mini-series… Read More

Episode 1, November 09, 2020

Welcome to the Nonprofit Investment Stewards Podcast!

Are you interested in learning about endowment, foundation and other nonprofit investments and how investment strategy can further your charitable organization’s mission? If so, you’ve come to the right place! In this inaugural episode of the Nonprofit Investment Stewards Podcast, get to know your hosts,… Read More