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The Clock Could Be Ticking for Favorable Estate Planning Provisions

May 19, 2021

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My Defined Benefit Funded Status Has Improved – Now What?

October 1, 2021

A combination of strong asset returns and higher liability discount rates contributed to material improvements in funded statuses for many Defined Benefit (DB) plans since early 2020. The magnitude and speed of these market impacts caused...

Am I Too Wealthy for a Mutual Fund?

August 5, 2021

Investing has changed a lot over the years. My grandparents gained exposure to the markets by doing one of two things: buying stocks or buying bonds. Throughout the 20th century, a litany of different investment vehicles were introduced...

How To Make Your Investment Committee More Effective

June 25, 2021

Would you like your investment committee to utilize best practices and produce better outcomes? This rundown from a recent...

Association Reserves: Policies, Practice and Performance

June 11, 2021

Associations today must deal with a significant set of financial challenges. Even before the COVID-19 pandemic impacted the global economy, associations were evolving by seeking new revenue streams and membership models. During this public health crisis, associations confronted a cross-current of painful realities: meeting cancellations, membership consolidation and...

The Clock Could Be Ticking for Favorable Estate Planning Provisions

May 19, 2021

Estate tax laws have been undergoing change over the last couple of decades, but in every instance of revision, they have managed to move forward, not backward, regarding exemptions, rates and flexibility. Despite this...

Four Smart Moves for Endowment Investment Committees

April 26, 2021

All of us struggled with the unexpected this past year, much of it involving strife and heartache – especially for charitable organizations and those they serve. But one thing played out better than you expected...

Next-Evolution Design for Market Rate Cash Balance Plans

April 8, 2021

For more than 10 years, investors attained double-digit gains by investing in the stock market. As a result, 401(k) balances and other investment pools achieved high material growth. This environment also drove the advent and growth of a uniquely attractive type of retirement plan...

Financial Wellness in the Age of Coronavirus

April 1, 2021

Financial wellness is an overall sense of stability and control over an individual’s personal financial situation. Financial wellness helps people feel safe and secure about their long-term financial outlook. Specifically, a state of financial wellness is characterized by...

Investment Office at Fiducient Advisors: Creative and Flexible Management Solutions for Today’s Nonprofits

March 4, 2021

These days, we are witnessing a trending increase in requests from clients and prospective clients for an outsourced consulting model or partially outsourced consulting model in which...

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