Endowments & Foundations

Our thoughtful approach integrates your mission and required spending with the actual investment allocation. We differentiate by engaging in spirited discussions with board and committee members ensuring all parties participate in an “eyes wide open” approach to investment strategy. We seek to help you fulfill stewardship responsibilities while improving
performance and reducing expenses.

Our Approach

Our thoughtful approach to managing endowments and foundations draws on our lengthy history of working with nonprofit clients. We take the time to truly listen to and engage with our clients and integrate your mission and investment objectives into a unique and customized investment program. We seek to not only help our endowment and foundation clients achieve their investment goals, but also fulfill their fiduciary responsibilities.

Our investment approach is predicated on our robust market and investment manager research, with a focus on identifying top managers and creating diversified, efficient and cost-effective portfolios. Our approach to serving our nonprofit clients involves not only asset allocation and manager selection, but also review/creation of
Investment Policy Statements, spending policy, fee negotiation, peer benchmarking, governance and administrative/operational assistance.

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The healthcare industry is under tremendous pressure, threatened by heightened regulatory scrutiny and increasing litigation. Organizations face a number of financial challenges and are often expected to demonstrate expertise in overseeing retirement plans, capital reserves and even self-insurance funds. Retirement plans must satisfy the needs of various employees ranging from hourly workers to highly-trained medical professionals. Furthermore, a different group of fiduciaries may oversee each pool of funds, often with divergent philosophies and strategies. On top of all this, fiduciary standards may hold you personally accountable for imprudent decision-making.

We strive to help your organization manage risk, improve performance and reduce expenses. Our approach deeply integrates your goals with your actual investment allocation. We differentiate by engaging in spirited discussions with board and committee members, ensuring that all parties take an “eyes wide open” approach to investment decisions. Placing your interests first, our highly experienced professionals deliver advice intended to help you prosper.

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Rising costs, cuts in financial aid, decreased enrollment and increased accountability speak to the challenges educational institutions face today. Whether you are a trustee of an endowment or foundation at a small private school or large university, you know what it means to perform a financial balancing act. You are responsible for meeting the urgent needs of today, while preparing for the uncertain
demands of tomorrow.

We help integrate the organization’s objectives with sustainable spending policies and thoughtful portfolio construction, all while assisting committee members in their important role as stewards. We provide the necessary tools intended to improve performance and reduce costs. We view ourselves as an extension of your team. We listen and customize a strategy designed to help you prosper, both today and in the future.

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Religious Institutions

Trustees of religious institutions must act as stewards and strategists all at once. While congregations must meet financial challenges and operate in a profitable, business-like manner, Trustees must still contend with the impact of each of the Three Levers affecting the organization’s funds: inflows, outflows and required investment returns.

We understand your concerns and the concerns of your committee. Under our guidance, we can help you meet these needs by nurturing healthy stewardship practices. It is our role to help you prosper to achieve agreed upon financial goals while upholding your institution’s core values. Our expertise can help balance long-term financial goals with short-term budget needs and help establish a realistic and sustainable spending policy. With decades of experience, our team of caring professionals intends to help you satisfy stewardship responsibilities, improve performance and reduce costs.

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Associations face many unique challenges that, if managed improperly, can significantly hinder an organization’s ability to flourish. Boards and staff must balance the sometimes urgent needs of today with uncertain demands of tomorrow. Our credentialed professionals offer practical advice and knowledge, drawing upon both experience and substantial resources. We strive to help your Association prosper.

Providing investment advice that aligns with your organizational objectives is a primary objective. We serve as a fiduciary and help manage every part of your investment program. From cash reserves to strategic long-term funds, foundations, endowments and retirement plans, we strive to deliver thoughtful and effective investment strategies. By acting as an extension of your staff, we strive to add continuity and assist your committee in improving performance, reducing costs and acting as
responsible stewards.

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Members of a charity’s investment committee know first-hand that their decisions have critical impact on the organization’s financial future and its mission. From achieving an appropriate risk/return profile to navigating fiduciary duties, challenges abound.

We are committed to helping boards, committees and staff perform as responsible financial stewards for the organizations they care about most. We believe a successful investment strategy is vital to the overall well-being and continued success. We also believe in a clear governance structure supported by professional advice, taking into account the income and capital requirements of the organization as well as its mission. Whatever your objectives, we partner with you to help your nonprofit achieve its goals with less time,
cost and burden.

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