Retirement Plans

Retirement Plan Sponsors are inundated by an array of challenges – prudently overseeing investment managers, unraveling and negotiating vendor pricing, navigating a bewildering maze of ever-changing regulation – not to mention the constant threat of significant personal liability under ERISA.

We meet these challenges head on. Our personal approach allows us to build strong, committed relationships with our clients and offer tailored strategies intended to help reduce expenses, improve performance and satisfy fiduciary responsibilities.

401(k) Plans

Managing your organization’s 401(k) plan can be a daunting task. The bar is set high as you’re expected to oversee a plan which offers flawless recordkeeping, superior investment performance and low cost. Every decision you make can impact your employees’ lifestyle in retirement. ERISA laws require you to exercise the prudence and skill of an “expert” and, the threat of litigation is ever-present.

With a unique understanding of the interplay between plan design, administration, investments and participant communications, we are a vital ally in helping you and your participants prosper. We enhance your ability to offer more effective retirement solutions and to positively impact your employees’ ability to successfully prepare for retirement.

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Pension Plans

Responsibility and oversight for your organization’s pension plan can be overwhelming as you navigate funded status, portfolio volatility and impact to the bottom line. Beyond all your deadlines and commitments, you must act as a responsible fiduciary. ERISA laws require you to act prudently and skillfully with fines and litigation ever-present.

You’ll find thoughtful and tailored solutions at Fiducient Advisors. Our defined benefit expertise, proprietary tools, and investment research are structured to help you achieve your objectives. Solutions include de-risking, immunization and other liability-driven investing (LDI) strategies whether your plan is ongoing, closed, frozen, or terminating. We provide the resources necessary intended to help you improve performance and control costs – all while acting as a prudent fiduciary.

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We act as an extension
of your staff in helping
you navigate the many challenges
facing pension Plan Sponsors.

403(b) Plans

Recent legislation has made it exceedingly complicated to administer a 403(b) retirement plan, significantly increasing the responsibilities and risks for Plan Sponsors. Whether you oversee the 403(b) plan at a university, charity, hospital, religious institution or another tax-exempt organization, you are required to fulfill your fiduciary role.
And, you must do so while being held personally accountable for making sound, prudent decisions.

We help clients manage the morass of 403(b) plan intricacies by continually providing thorough advice and education specifically designed to help satisfy your fiduciary responsibilities. This includes guidance on plan governance, structuring committee charters and drafting investment policy statements. Our years of experience in working with leading 403(b) providers helps in redesigning fund menus and improving retirement outcomes of participants. Whether assisting with the selection of a qualified vendor, optimizing investment offerings, or reducing costs,
our tailored solutions can help you and your participants
achieve your goals.

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Cash Balance Plans

Cash Balance plans often integrate the advantages of both defined benefit and defined contribution plans. They are popular among professional services firms but require a thoughtful, at times even artful approach to investing.

Our extensive experience with large law firms and other professional services organizations supports our efforts in helping clients adopt a tailored approach to establishing risk and return objectives, selecting investment strategies and determining optimal plan administration practices.

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Our extensive experience with
large law firms and other professional services
organizations supports our efforts.


As a Trustee, you are inundated with challenges including governance and an ever-changing workforce along with funding levels and fiduciary considerations. It is vital to maintain accountability for results, and equally important to grasp the necessary steps involved in achieving plan goals.

Our Taft-Hartley team provides experience and a deep understanding of the relationships between Labor and Management. We work to create tailored solutions that align with your needs, objectives and priorities. Our primary goals are to safeguard benefits of your members and their beneficiaries, improve returns, mitigate risk and reduce expenses.

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Our goal is to help safeguard
benefits of your members and ensure ongoing success of employers’ contributions.


Our SMART PLAN offering provides a solution for smaller 401(k) Plan Sponsors through an affordable, full-featured program engineered for simplicity. Under SMART PLAN, Plan Sponsors receive fully bundled administrative services from a select group of pre-screened recordkeepers, resulting in less time, burden and cost to retirement plan oversight. Simplifying your retirement plan allows more time for the day-to-day operations for your business.

Fiducient Advisors accepts and acknowledges discretionary authority over your Plan’s investment options as a 3(38) investment manager meaning, we serve as the investment fiduciary and are responsible for fund selection, ongoing monitoring and replacement of the plan’s investment lineup as warranted. You’re able to mitigate risk by delegating significant responsibility related to your Plan. SMART PLAN is a complete retirement plan solution.

SMART PLAN is a complete, discretionary solution
for the small 401(k) plan.

Fiduciary Institute

Our Fiduciary Institute videos address
and explain key fiduciary responsibilities
for retirement plan committee members.

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