DiMeo Schneider Rebrands as Fiducient Advisors

March 28, 2021

DiMeo Schneider’s announcement of the new brand coincides with the one-year anniversary of combining with Fiduciary Investment Advisors LLC

Chicago, IL — DiMeo Schneider & Associates, L.L.C. today announced they will rebrand as Fiducient Advisors. The new brand, which includes the same leadership and ownership structure, represents the combination of DiMeo Schneider & Associates, L.L.C. (DiMeo Schneider) and Fiduciary Investment Advisors LLC (FIA), which joined forces in April 2020.

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“Foremost, our new name emphasizes the important role we play as a trusted fiduciary committed to helping clients prosper,” said Bob DiMeo, CEO of the firm. “It also speaks to the success of our integration and how we are operating as a fully unified firm.”

Advising on more than $225 billion in client assets across endowments and foundations, retirement plans, private clients and financial institutions, Fiducient Advisors’ culture and client service model centers on four key tenets: disciplined, strategic, empathetic, and principled.

“Fiducient Advisors represents the shared vision and culture of all of our partners and associates,” said Mike Goss, Managing Partner at the firm. “The firm is built upon our clients’ stories and missions, as well as acknowledgement that as fiduciary advisors, we create tailored solutions through a disciplined and strategic approach, accompanied by aligned investment advice.”

About Fiducient Advisors
Founded in 1995, Fiducient Advisors is dedicated to investment consulting. We create highly tailored strategies following a disciplined approach we have honed for more than 25 years. With seven offices across the nation, we are a trusted fiduciary to clients throughout the country. The firm offers no proprietary investment products, nor accepts commissions. At the heart of each client relationship is a deep dedication to putting our clients’ needs first.

Asset Information as of December 31, 2020.



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