Financial Institutions

Fiducient Advisors' Financial Institutions Outsourcing or OCIO partnership practice helps financial institutions grow and strengthen their investment research efforts. Using our team as your financial intermediary or extension of staff, we complement your existing research structure to create coverage, expand into new markets and capitalize the ever-changing investment landscape. In partnership with you, we provide solutions best aligned with the needs of your clients.

Leveraging the same analytical tools used with our large institutional clients and private families, with our Financial Institutions Outsourcing solutions, you gain access to a broad range of investment options and outsourced research. In doing so, we provide the resources, potential cost savings and proactive ideas designed to help you and your clients prosper.

Our Services

Asset Allocation
Together we help create capital market assumptions and bespoke portfolios specifically tailored to the needs
of your clients.

Manager Selection
We develop your custom-built stable of investment managers, including both public and private offerings, through systematic due diligence, selection and monitoring.

Marketing & Case Support
You have access to our more than 100 unique content pieces annually ranging from ongoing market commentaries to in-depth white papers and more, all intended to help you efficiently communicate with clients and prospects. We also provide optional case support as desired.

We provide the resources, potential cost savings and proactive ideas that aim to help you and your clients prosper.

Registered Investment Advisors (“RIAs”)

As more and more assets flow to registered investment advisors, your clients demand access to progressive investment research and solutions and gone are the days when a simplistic portfolio of securities was sufficient. To compete effectively against larger firms, advisors must be in a position to offer globally diversified investment portfolios across both public and private markets. And as asset flows to the RIA channel accelerate so does scrutiny from the regulators. It is essential to demonstrate institutional-quality processes and procedures across your investment platforms.

As a leading RIA ourselves, Fiducient Advisors identifies with your objectives and aspirations. We provide OCIO support to a number of other RIAs in asset allocation/portfolio construction, investment research/selection, marketing/communication and general practice management. We leverage our extremely robust investment research effort to form true partnerships - our research professionals act as an extension of your staff. Through our Financial Institutions Outsourcing practice, we not only share the innovative research we consistently produce, but we also impart the experience and expertise we’ve gained serving clients as a fiduciary since our founding in 1995. We believe the community of like-minded advisors we created makes us all better practitioners and, most importantly, makes the clients we all serve better-off as well. We are here to help you and your clients prosper!

We partner with your existing research team on manage the investment process, enabling your firm to spend time
growing the business.

Accounting Firms

Accounting firms are uniquely positioned to provide holistic tax, wealth management and investment advice for clients. As a trusted advisor, accountants must ensure their investment diligence and research are on par with the high standards of your firm’s other offerings. Today’s complex world makes that a challenge.

With a collaborative business model, Fiducient Advisors proactively helps accounting firms stay true to their tax-focused ethos in offering investment advice. Tailored and practical, our Financial Institutions Outsourcing solutions extend beyond investment wisdom. As your financial intermediary and as an extension of your staff, we help accounting firms develop thoughtful and consistent offerings. Simply put, we are here to help you and your clients prosper.

We understand the unique challenges of growing a "business within a business", having a partner who has implemented these complexities allows you to successfully grow your business.


Banks have the unique opportunity to offer wealth management services including both trust and investment management. But with your role as a trusted fiduciary comes the necessity to provide reliable research; it’s essential to your business model. And, the ever-changing landscape compels banks to continually expand investment offerings to meet clients’ shifting needs.

Fiducient Advisors helps banks implement OCIO solutions incorporating innovative research across all platforms. We institutionalize processes and procedures in asset allocation and investment selection. Our Financial Institutions Outsourcing solutions supplement your existing resources and we become an extension of your team. Beyond outsourced research, you access unique marketing and communications solutions that may be private labeled for distribution to your network. Our extensive research keeps you and your clients informed of the latest developments, and our practical experience and expertise can help you implement OCIO solutions efficiently and cost-effectively.

Our tailored solutions can help your wealth management division provide premier solutions to your clients.

Broker Dealers

As a broker dealer, you are compelled to navigate a wide-range of investment models and offerings. From open architecture with third party vendors to advisors selecting individual securities, broker dealers must consider an array of solutions in order to attract and retain top talent. Complicating matters further is the ever changing regulatory landscape as evidenced by the SEC’s recently enacted Regulation Best Interest or “Reg BI”.

Our Financial Institutions Outsourcing practice can help your firm implement tailored solutions and remain compliant, all while pursuing profitable growth. As your financial intermediary, we support broker dealers in the traditional areas of asset allocation and investment research by helping create unique model portfolio programs and assisting with custom asset allocation modeling. We then leverage our significant resources, often accessed by sophisticated institutional investors, to identify solutions for your practice and your clients’ portfolios. We wed our intellectual capital with an integrated marketing and communication solution, all intended to help you and your clients prosper.

We help you ensure you have research coverage for the items that most important to your advisors, while keeping a focus on a broad opportunity set to attract the next advisor.

Multi Family Offices

As a provider of tailored investment services to prominent families, Multi-Family Offices are uniquely positioned to help institutionalize and scale investment platforms. The implications of taxes and access to unique investments – including globally diversified public and private offerings - help define a family’s investment opportunity set. The sophistication of families demands a highly experienced team with an ability to implement and capitalize on a meaningfully larger opportunity set.

Fiducient Advisors’ Financial Institutions Outsourcing services include access to unique direct private offerings, a comprehensive set of after-tax focused solutions and smart practice management strategies to help drive operational efficiencies. The expansive research team at Fiducient Advisors has experience in working with multi-family offices and can partner with your team to provide tailored solutions intended to help you and your clients prosper.

We partner with your team to ensure you have the expertise to handle the complex needs of sophisticated families, including after-tax and private market capabilities.

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