Private Clients

When choosing an advisory firm to manage your wealth, it is important to select professionals that act in your best interest at all times. The Wealth Office® of Fiducient Advisors embraces our fiduciary role, operating under the highest standard of obligation to clients. We view our business through your eyes, offering advice to help meet a full range of important financial goals. This is in stark contrast to many brokerage firms, banks and money management firms operating under the “suitability standard”, which merely requires an investment be suitable for you at the time of purchase.

Family Offices

Wealthy families must protect their assets from the ravages of excessive taxation, inflation and unwarranted investment risk and provide for the legacy of future generations all while educating their heirs to become prudent stewards. Moreover, they seek performance and up-to-the-minute advice on issues affecting their portfolios.

The Wealth Office® of Fiducient Advisors is uniquely positioned to help clients prosper by providing tailored investment services to wealthy families including single, multi- or virtual family offices. We advise many prominent families across the U.S., some which appear on the Forbes 400 List. Our consultative approach helps families define their objectives and achieve their short-term and multi-generational goals. And we understand the importance of confidentiality and discretion.

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Corporate Executives

As an actively engaged executive, most of your time is devoted to the management and growth of a successful business. A busy schedule and the demands of your career can make managing family finances a difficult task. It becomes easy to ignore questions like, “How am I building and preserving my net worth while avoiding excess income, gift or estate tax?”

The Wealth Office® of Fiducient Advisors acts as your personal Chief Investment Officer by providing timely advice that’s vital to effective financial decision-making. We work closely with your legal and tax advisors in order to simplify your life, yet ensure that essential steps are not overlooked. We strive to help you avoid undue risk, seek attractive after-tax returns and reduce costs. No matter what the economic or market outlook, we intend to help you prosper.

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We take over the day-to-day
burden of managing finances,
enabling you to spend time
on more important matters.

Business Owners

As a successful entrepreneur, you understand the intricacies of your business better than anyone. Your business may also be your greatest financial asset, and the base of your family’s legacy. But are you comfortable in your knowledge and understanding of how all this links to your personal wealth and the well-being of family?

The Wealth Office® of Fiducient Advisors helps individuals manage their wealth in light of family goals and objectives, especially after a life-changing event such as partial or full liquidation of their business. By coordinating with your other trusted legal and tax advisors, we pay special attention to estate, retirement and tax planning. Our trusted team of accredited professionals provides practical advice and cost-effective solutions geared toward minimizing unnecessary risks. We intend to help you prosper.

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We know there is a link between your business and your wealth and intend to help you prosper.

Disciplined Portfolio Advisor®

Ideal for the ‘hands off’ investor, our discretionary risk-based model portfolios are designed to fit your investment goals and busy lifestyle. We relax our traditional asset minimums and help you choose the best portfolio to meet your needs. Our model portfolios provide an efficient way to allocate your investments, whether conservative or aggressive, taxable or tax exempt.

Using the same tools and resources typically only available to large families and institutions, our Disciplined Portfolio Advisor® (DPA) provides access to low cost, transparent and quality portfolios incorporating the tenets of our investment philosophy to ensure your success.

• Diversified asset allocation
• Deep dive manager research, selection and monitoring
• Thoughtful construction with active/passive strategies
• Strategic rebalancing

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You don’t need to be a sophisticated investor to invest like one!

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