For retirement Plan Sponsors, navigating uncertain times can feel like sailing in uncharted waters. However, in these moments of ambiguity, one thing remains certain – knowledge is power. Equipping yourself and your committee with meaningful resources can help you make informed decisions, satisfy your fiduciary obligations and secure the financial future of your employees. Here we will delve into three main areas of uncertainty for retirement Plan Sponsors and provide valuable Fiducient Advisors’ resources to assist in effectively managing these challenges.

1. Stable Value versus Money Market Funds in Today’s Interest Rate Environment

In the current interest rate environment, the decision between stable value and money market funds requires careful consideration. To help you better understand the nuances and make an informed choice, Fiducient Advisors offers a timely video that compares stable value funds with money market funds. Glean insights into the characteristics, benefits and risks associated with each option, enabling your committee to make a well-informed decision in what has become a very different interest rate environment for Plan Sponsors and their participants. 

Stable Value vs. Money Market Funds | Fiducient Advisors

2. Market and Economic Uncertainty

On the one hand investors, including plan participants, contend with extraordinary challenges such as the land-war in Europe and high inflation. More encouraging inputs include exceptionally strong employment and consumer spending that continues to outpace expectations. We could easily spend an afternoon identifying both the positive and negative circumstances that investors must navigate. In a punchline, I’d say that today, it is as important as ever for investors to be thoughtfully and broadly diversified. Fiducient Advisors provides an array of insights into recent market trends, performance and potential opportunities. These resources can help you to make informed decisions that benefit your plan participants during uncertain times.

Market Relief from May-hem?

3. Participant Needs

Understanding and addressing the needs of your plan participants is foundational in ensuring the success of your retirement plan. And improving participant outcomes requires intentionality. To be sure you are heading in the right direction, check out our blog post on improving participant outcomes. It tackles topics such as financial wellness programs, personalized advice and improved plan design – providing actionable insights that can drive better participant engagement and financial well-being.

Four Ways to Improve Participant Outcomes Today (

Staying Informed Provides an Edge

Knowledge is indeed power when it comes to managing uncertainties as a retirement Plan Sponsor. By staying informed and leveraging the resources from Fiducient Advisors, you can navigate today’s array of challenges.

For additional details and to discuss how you might improve your retirement offering, please reach out to any of the professionals at Fiducient Advisors.   

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