2020 Third Quarter Considerations

Investment Manager Research | Quarterly Considerations October 28, 2020

Quarterly Considerations

Retirement Plans

• Established Defined Contribution Business Council responsible for the strategic direction, oversight and fiduciary governance program for the firm’s DC practice.

• Recordkeeper consolidation and outsourcing continues.

• Empower Retirement announced it intends to acquire MassMutual’s recordkeeping business.

• Vanguard entered into a partnership with technology firm Infosys to assume day-to-day recordkeeping operations through a cloud-based platform.

Nonprofit Organizations

• Assets in private foundations rebounded strongly in recent months to $1.1 trillion (December 2019 levels), according to estimates from FoundationMark. The asset recovery, coupled with efforts by many foundations to increase payouts due to the economic crisis, may signal a strong grantmaking finish to the year.

• There have been record inflows into sustainable investments this year, including $10.5 billion in the 2nd quarter, according to Sustainalytics. Record net inflows in 2019, were 4x greater than the prior year.

The Wealth Office®

• With concerns that today’s favorable rates could change, and tax reform is potentially around the corner – what are some things you should be thinking about? Read our latest article for strategies to consider before year-end.

• Questions about Social Security? Ask your consultant for our recent presentation titled Social Security: Back to Basics & Important Considerations.

Financial Institutions

• With all that’s happened in 2020, we encourage you to review our library of research and evaluate how your firm could leverage Fiducient Advisors’ proprietary research content.

• Our Financial Institutions outsourcing platform provides our clients with access to private markets investment opportunities that would otherwise be inaccessible. Contact us to learn how your firm can benefit from our private markets reach and resources.


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