Mission-Aligned Investing 102: Approach

Investment Manager Research | SRI and ESG June 12, 2018

By William Parker

Principal, Associate Director of Wealth Consulting, The Wealth Office®

Bill provides investment consulting services to nonprofit organizations, corporate executives, family trusts and other private investors. Bill services clients by providing advice and expertise on asset allocation, portfolio design, investment …

By Bradford Long

Partner, Deputy Chief Investment Officer

Brad joined Fiducient Advisors in 2012. He is chair of the firm’s Investment Committee and a member of the firm’s Discretionary Committee, Research Forum, Capital Markets Team and Mission-Aligned Investing …

In our first paper in this series we focused on defining mission-aligned investing. In our second installment, Mission-Aligned Investing: Approach we seek to answer the question: “Which mission-aligned approach is right for you?”

Mission-Aligned Investing Today

Whether the terminology is socially responsible, mission-aligned, sustainable or ESG, the goal remains to align the mission with financial capital. More today than ever, investors are passionate about a number of issues and are eager to incorporate their values within their investment portfolios. Building a long-term portfolio incorporating attractive risk and return characteristics while aligning with investors’ personal values is of ever-increasing desire.

The heightened awareness surrounding issues like climate change, the environment, religious beliefs, corporate concerns and workplace diversity make companies today popular targets for the growing number of mission-aligned investment strategies. In fact, the US SIF Foundation noted that more than $8.7 trillion1 was invested in sustainable, responsible and impact invested portfolios in the U.S. at the end of 2016, making up one-fifth of all assets under professional management. This marks a 33 percent increase since 2014.

With such growth, it is imperative that investors interested in mission-alignment focus their discussion on defining their mission prior to investing. A well-defined mission empowers investors to customize their portfolio to limit risk, maximize return and ultimately incorporate their values to their investment portfolios.

1US SIF Foundation: “Report on US Sustainable, Responsible and Impact Investing Trends 2016.”

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