Our Position on Inequality

June 17, 2020

Dear Clients and Friends of Fiducient Advisors,

Recent tragic events are not new and unfortunately, all too common. We stand in solidarity with the families and communities affected by these atrocities. As a white male, I can never fully understand the pain, fear and emotion felt by members of Black communities and people of color. That said, at the core of my being I have a deep belief in equality and fairness – a belief which is shared by my colleagues.

We reject discrimination in any form for our employees, clients, vendors and within the communities where we live and work. It is unacceptable for anyone – all races, religions, ages, colors, genders, orientations, backgrounds and experiences – to live with injustice or concern for their own safety. We must do more to support these values.

Remembering without action is forgetting.

Diversity, inclusion and justice initiatives have been important to both the firm and numerous individuals at Fiducient Advisors, many who serve marginalized communities through countless hours of volunteering, activism and financial support. Regardless of our prior efforts and impact, we must do more – and we will. Here is a sampling of additional initiatives:

• An expansion of Diversity & Inclusion education with a five-part virtual series for all Fiducient Advisors Associates commencing in July. Topics include Unconscious Bias, Race, Gender, LGBTQ and Comfort with Discomfort.

• Continued quarterly inclusion campaigns encouraging vulnerability, authenticity, belonging and stronger colleague relationships.

• Juneteenth Holiday – This Friday we celebrate the holiday which commemorates the end of slavery in the U.S., to demonstrate our commitment to raising awareness, educating each other, and engaging in activities that eliminate racism and promote justice for Black and Brown and people of color communities (markets are open – appropriate client coverage will exist). We encourage employees to take this day to self-reflect, learn and find a way to be the change they seek in the world.

• inTURNship 2020 – Fiducient Advisors is accepting up to 50 rising college seniors/recent graduates in an educational enrichment program spanning July and August. We intend to provide impactful support and training to a diverse group of young adults. Contact Sydney Evans for more information.

Fiducient Advisors’ values have guided the firm for over 25 years. We believe equality and fairness – beyond being basic human rights – produce better outcomes for all. We pledge to continue to learn and grow in this immeasurably important area.

Thank you and be well,

Chief Executive Officer

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